Morioka Iwate-ken

On Sep. 7th 2011, I took a business trip to Morioka-City to participate in a lecture meeting.

After work on the following day, I walked around Nakatugawa-River near the hotel I was staying at, and had coffee at cafe "Morioka Takuboku/Kenji Seishunkan". This building used to be a bank, and had very classy look (as you can see in the pictures below). Their coffee is made using iron kettle, and tasted very good! I ordered coffee with local sweets of Morioka.

After work on the second day, I was invited to an original cuisine restaturant "Tsukumo-gusa" by meeting staffs. Their food was impressively excellent! My favorite there was "Jako no yakimeshi" (fried rice with small fish) and "Maesawagyu no Momo Steak” (leg steak of Maesawa beef). Unfortunately I don't have picture of it, but "Morisoba" (soba noodle" was very good too. This restaurant was opened by an old established restaurant "Azuma-ya", which is located next, to celebrate their 99 years anniversary. There is no mystery for their quality ;)



翌日、1日目の仕事が終了後、ホテル近くの中津川周辺を散策。元は銀行の建物である「もりおか 啄木・賢治青春館」でお茶してきました。ここの鉄瓶を使ったコーヒーはとてもおいしいです。 私は盛岡の駄菓子とセットでいただきました。

2日目 の仕事の後は、スタッフのご招待で創作料理の「九十九草」というレストランへ。ここの料理はどれも感動的なおいしさでした。特に私が気に入ったメニューは「じゃこの焼き飯」と「前沢牛のももステーキ」、それに写真はありませんが「もりそば」も格別でした!何せ、九十九草は、お隣にある老舗の東屋さんが創業99年を記念して開店したお店とのことですから、おいしいのも納得です。