Hiraizumi(Registerd World Heritage)

On Sep. 10th 2011, I took a trip to a town of Hiraizumi, a world heritage.

To stay mobile, I first left big luggage at a hotel near Ichinoseki-Station where I was going to stay. Then, I only took a small backpack and new camera, and got on a train at 10:28 am. It only took less than 10 minutes to get to Hiraizumi.

The first destination was Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center, so I could learn of highlights of Hiraizumi before walking around.





After visiting the Center, I started for Chusonji-Temple. There were some souvenir shops and restaurants in front of the approach (Tsukimi-zaka) to the temple, and I had late lunch (soba noodle and zunda mochi) at one of the restaurants. Tsukimizaka is a gravel approach with rows of 300-400 year old Japanese cedar trees on each side. From an observation deck along the approach, I could enjoy a view of the town.

There were many buildings including the Hondo (Main Hall) in the temple ground, and it would take a long time if you see all of them. Konjiki-do (Golden Hall) was very handsome, but unfortunately camera was not allowed inside. After imprinting scenes with my mental camera, I started for Motsuji-Temple.

To learn more about Chusonji-Temple and see pictures of Konjiki-do, visit their website at








I took "Walking Trail" to Motsuji-Temple (3.2 km).

There were pine cones and chestnuts along the trail, and I even saw squirrels going by. This well maintained dirt trail was not only easy but fun to walk, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wonder if this trail was not well known, because I saw noone but myself walking this trail.


毛越寺まではWalkig Trailを歩くことにしました。(3.2km)


It was cloudy day, so I didn't have to worry about getting sunburns. But still, it was hot day, and I was sweating by the time I got to Motsuji-Temple.

The garden of Motsuji-Temple was very secluded, and was designed to represent the Buddhist Pure Land (the land for buddhas) in this world. > Like sanctuary?

Since this area is in the northern part of Japan, autumn starts earlier than Tokyo. I felt lucky seeing early turning leaves of a ginko tree :)

On my way back to the station, there were many orange-colored cosmos flowers along the way. I guess this orange color has a power to make people happy or something. I found myself smiling by watching these flowers.

You can find details of Motsuji-Temple from here  > http://www.motsuji.or.jp/english/index.php





毛越寺の詳細はこちら→ http://www.motsuji.or.jp/index.php