Awaodori(Kagurazaka Shinjuku)

Summer 2012

Summer 2011

Awaodori is traditional dance in Tokushima prefecture, but is very popular throughout Japan. In some places outside of Tokushima prefecture, there are big awaodori festivals hosted by local communities. The one in Kagurazaka is one of them, and has been going on for 40 years. Below are pictures of 40th Kagurazaka Awaodori Festival participated by about 20 ren (groups). Unfortunately, this year was not as big as normal years because of the earthquake on Mar. 11th. But still, many people came to enjoy the day!

Damudan-ren(My favorite group)

Among all ren (groups), this one has been my all time favorite! They seemed to be enjoying the time the most!

It was also very interesting to see the same people every year (like a baby growing old enough to move from a babycar to dancing by himself).